Do You Need a Business License to Sell on eBay?

As an entrepreneur or a hobbyist looking to sell items on eBay, you might have asked yourself, “Do I need a business license to sell on eBay?” Understanding the legal requirements and best practices for selling on eBay is essential to your success.

In this article, we will discuss the necessity of a business license when selling on eBay and other pertinent information, such as age requirements, restricted items, and how to make money on eBay using Flipl.

Do You Need a Business License to Sell on eBay?

The short answer is no, you do not need a business license to sell on eBay. However, depending on your location and the volume of your sales, you may need to register for tax purposes or obtain other permits. If you are selling items as a hobby, you generally do not need a business license. However, if you are selling items as a business, it’s essential to research the licensing requirements in your area.

Age Requirements for Selling on eBay

Before you start selling on eBay, it’s important to know the age requirements. According to eBay’s guidelines, you must be at least 18 years old to create an account and sell on the platform. If you are under 18, you may use an adult’s account with their permission.

Restricted Items on eBay

eBay has a list of items that are prohibited or restricted from being sold on their platform. Before listing an item for sale, make sure to review the prohibited and restricted items list to ensure you are compliant with eBay’s policies.

Some examples of restricted items include:

Making Money on eBay with Flipl

Flipl is an eBay and Amazon arbitrage software that helps you find under-priced products to flip for a profit. There are two primary methods for making money with Flipl:

  1. The eBay Flip: This method involves hunting down items selling for a low price on eBay, purchasing them, and then flipping them for a higher price on Amazon. Learn more about making money on eBay with Flipl here.
  2. Warehouse Deals: In this method, you’ll be on the lookout for underpriced products in mint condition that can be resold for a profit. Discover how to make money with Amazon Warehouse Deals using Flipl.

Master Online Arbitrage with Flipl

To maximize your profits and become an expert at online arbitrage, consider enrolling in Flipl’s Master Online Arbitrage course. This course covers everything you need to know, from sourcing under-priced products on eBay to maximizing your profits on Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms. With expert guidance, you’ll learn how to leverage Flipl’s powerful features, such as 24/7 eBay searches, Amazon price gap analysis, and Keepa data integration for informed decision-making.


You do not need a business license to sell on eBay, but it’s essential to be aware of any local tax and permit requirements, age restrictions, and eBay’s policies on prohibited and restricted items.

While you’re considering whether you need a business license to sell on eBay, you might also be interested in seeking help to manage your sales. Learn more about the possibility of hiring someone to handle your eBay listings in our article: Can I Hire Someone to Sell My Stuff on eBay?

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