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Flipl scans over 4 million Amazon products on eBay and provides you with the best deals to flip for a profit.
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#1 eBay Arbitrage Tool For eBay to Amazon Flips

Maximize your eCommerce profits with Flipl, the #1 eBay Arbitrage Tool designed especially for efficient eBay to Amazon flips. Flipl’s advanced system diligently searches through more than 4 million eBay listings, cross-referencing prices with Amazon to find the best deals, ensuring that you can capitalize on every opportunity.

Join the millions who are generating consistent income reselling items on Amazon.

Flipl is designed to operate around the clock, 365 days a year, identifying potential high-profit deals that can be flipped on Amazon. As an integral part of your eCommerce arsenal, Flipl provides unique insights into price fluctuations and product trends.

eBay to Amazon Arbitrage Software Dashboard

Key Features

Key Product Data

Advanced Filtering

Real Time Data

Keepa Charts

Embedded Keepa charts for Amazon price analytics.


1-Click open and pre-fill SellerAmp with the eBay product and Amazon ASIN.

Best Sellers

Browse deals with an Amazon products  best seller’s rank (BSR).

Search, filter, and browse Amazon Warehouse Deals. Built for both resellers and consumers.

Works with USA & UK Marketplaces!

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eBay Sales & Analytics

All-in-one eBay price analytics and sourcing tool available as a Chrome extension and web app. Learn More

International Marketplaces

UK, Germany, Australia, and more international marketplaces coming soon. Interested?
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Mobile Scanner App

Scan a product's barcode and get eBay sales data and analytics on the go.

Four Simple Steps to Sourcing Profitable Products on eBay with Flipl.

1. Start your search.

  • Advanced filters like sales rank, profit, ROI, prices, keywords, and categories to filter down your results.
  • Feed updates every minute, providing you with the latest deals.

2. Quickly analyze results.

  • Flipl provides crucial analytics data such as estimated profit & ROI, sales rank, cost & buy box prices.
  • Flipl integrates with Keepa for comprehensive price history and sales rank data. 
  • It also integrates with SellerAmp Chrome extension for fast Amazon research.

3. Purchase the product.

Once you’ve selected a promising product, review the eBay listing carefully. Check the seller’s reputation and verify the item condition before placing your order.

4. Resell it on Amazon.

After receiving the product, verify its details and inspect its condition again. If everything checks out, list it on Amazon for a higher price and wait for it to sell. Repeat this process to continue making profits.

The Ultimate Software for eBay to Amazon Arbitrage

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eBay Arbitrage Overview

eBay Arbitrage refers to the process of buying products on eBay at a lower price and selling them on Amazon at a higher price to make a profit.

This method leverages the price difference between these two massive online marketplaces to earn from the resale of goods. The appeal of eBay Arbitrage for entrepreneurs lies in its simplicity and the potential for significant profit margins.

Unlike traditional retail arbitrage that requires physical store visits, eBay Arbitrage can be conducted entirely online, offering a flexible and scalable opportunity for income generation.

What is eBay Arbitrage?

eBay Arbitrage is a form of online arbitrage that involves purchasing items from eBay at a price lower than their going rate on Amazon. The essence of this strategy lies in exploiting the price discrepancies between the two platforms to earn a profit margin during the resale process on Amazon.

How does eBay Arbitrage work?

The process begins with finding underpriced items on eBay that have a higher selling price on Amazon. Entrepreneurs use tools like Flipl to scan millions of eBay listings and identify the best deals. Once a suitable item is purchased on eBay, the seller then lists the same item for sale on Amazon at a higher price, considering Amazon’s fees and shipping costs to ensure profitability. After the item sells on Amazon, the seller ships it directly to the customer or uses Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service for fulfillment.

The benefits of engaging in eBay to Amazon flips