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Alpha Repricer Reviews, Pricing & Alternatives


As an Amazon FBA seller, staying competitive and maximizing sales and profits are crucial to the success of your business. One way to achieve this is through the use of repricing tools, which automatically adjust your product prices based on market conditions and competition. In this article, we will focus on Alpha Repricer, an Amazon repricing tool designed to help sellers maximize their sales and profits. We will provide an in-depth review of its features, pricing, user testimonials, and explore some alternatives.

What is Alpha Repricer?

Alpha Repricer is an Amazon repricing tool that was founded in 2017. It is designed to help sellers maximize their sales and profits by continuously updating their prices based on competitor prices and other factors. This repricing tool is compatible with 16 Amazon marketplaces, giving sellers a broad reach to capture more market share.

One of the key features of Alpha Repricer is its fast and continuous repricing capability. It updates prices every 2 minutes, ensuring that your products stay competitive in the market. Another notable feature is the Buy Box Hunter, an innovative algorithm that targets the Buy Box without severely cutting into your profits. This is achieved through the use of powerful and customizable formulas that allow users to create repricing strategies based on factors such as acquisition cost, item shipping, and more.

Alpha Repricer Features

Alpha Repricer offers a wide range of features and tools to help sellers optimize their pricing strategies. Some of its key features include:

  1. Fast and continuous repricing: Alpha Repricer updates your product prices every 2 minutes, ensuring that you stay competitive in the market.

  2. Buy Box Hunter: This innovative algorithm targets the Buy Box without severely cutting into your profits, increasing your chances of winning the coveted spot and driving more sales.

  3. Powerful and customizable formulas: Users can create customized formulas based on factors such as acquisition cost, item shipping, and more. This allows for more accurate and tailored repricing strategies that help maximize profits.

  4. Customized repricing strategy: Sellers can set up repricing parameters according to their business needs and apply them to all or selected inventory items. Alpha Repricer also allows sellers to price items differently for each fulfillment type and narrow down competitors using smart filters.

  5. Competition type and seller ranking filters: Choose which competitors to reprice against based on factors such as competition type, seller ranking, feedback, shipping duration, and domestic/international shipping options.

  6. Competition scenarios: Create competition scenarios for Buy Box winners, matched minimum prices, below minimum prices, and no competition. This enables sellers to have different pricing strategies depending on their competition.

  7. Exclusions and automation: Exclude specific sellers or locations from your repricing competition and automate repricing with formula-based min/max prices.

  8. Scheduling and spreadsheet support: Schedule repricing times and utilize spreadsheet support for bulk uploads and updates.

  9. Analytics and dashboard: View sales overviews, marketplace analytics, and repricing overviews through the user-friendly dashboard.

Pros and cons of using Alpha Repricer

Based on user testimonials, here are some pros and cons of using Alpha Repricer:


  1. Fast and continuous repricing keeps your products competitive in the market.
  2. Powerful and customizable formulas allow for tailored repricing strategies.
  3. Buy Box Hunter increases your chances of winning the coveted Buy Box.
  4. User-friendly dashboard and analytics give you insights into your sales and repricing performance.
  5. Excellent customer support that is available 24/7.


  1. Some users have suggested that the size of the support team should be increased to handle requests more efficiently.

Alpha Repricer Pricing

Alpha Repricer offers a 14-day free trial without requiring a credit card for signup. This allows potential users to test the platform and its features before committing to a paid plan. Monthly and annual pricing options are available, with discounts offered for annual subscriptions. For detailed pricing information, visit Alpha Repricer’s website.

Alpha Repricer Reviews

Users of Alpha Repricer have praised the platform for its simplicity, essential features, and reasonable pricing. In particular, the powerful formula feature has been well-received, allowing users to create customized pricing strategies that cater to their specific needs. Additionally, the Buy Box Hunter algorithm has proven effective in helping businesses grow and win the Buy Box more frequently.

Despite some suggestions to increase the size of the support team, the overall consensus is that Alpha Repricer’s customer support is responsive, helpful, and available 24/7.

Alpha Repricer Alternatives

Several alternative Amazon repricing tools are available, each with its unique features, pricing, and user experiences. Some notable alternatives include:

  1. RepricerExpress: A popular Amazon repricing tool that offers features like Buy Box targeting, competitor analysis, and multiple repricing rule templates. Pricing starts at $55 per month. Visit the RepricerExpress website for more information.

  2. BQool Repricing Central: A repricing tool for Amazon sellers that offers a 5-minute repricing frequency, Buy Box targeting, and customizable repricing rules. Pricing starts at $25 per month. Visit the BQool website for more information.

  3. A data-driven repricing tool that uses AI to optimize pricing strategies, monitor competitors, and maximize profits. Pricing starts at $79 per month. Visit the website for more information.

  4. SellerSnap: A repricing tool for Amazon sellers that uses a game theory-based algorithm to optimize pricing strategies and win the Buy Box. Pricing starts at $500 per month. Visit the SellerSnap website for more information.

Our Verdict

Based on the provided information, user testimonials, and comparisons with alternatives, Alpha Repricer stands out as an excellent choice for Amazon sellers who want to maximize their sales and profits. Its fast and continuous repricing, powerful formulas, and Buy Box Hunter algorithm give sellers the tools they need to stay competitive and drive more sales.

However, it’s essential to consider your unique business needs and budget when choosing a repricing tool. We recommend taking advantage of the 14-day free trial offered by Alpha Repricer and exploring other alternatives to find the best fit for your business.


In conclusion, Alpha Repricer has received positive reviews for its features, pricing, and customer support. Its fast repricing, powerful formulas, and Buy Box targeting make it a strong contender among Amazon repricing tools. We encourage potential users to try the free trial and explore other alternatives to make an informed decision about the best repricing tool for their business.

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