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In today’s competitive marketplace, compelling copy is essential for capturing the attention of potential customers and driving conversions. However, creating effective content that resonates with your target audience can be a daunting task. This is where Marketing by Emma comes in as a valuable solution for businesses seeking professional copywriting services. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Marketing by Emma, examining its reviews, pricing, and alternatives so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your business.

What is Marketing by Emma?

Marketing by Emma is a copywriting service provider that specializes in crafting compelling copy that gets results. Founded by Emma Schermer Tamir, a passionate wordsmith with a background in living on multiple continents, Marketing by Emma has been serving clients worldwide since 2016. Together with her business partner, Erez, they’ve helped over 1,500 clients improve their marketing efforts.

The range of services offered by Marketing by Emma includes website copywriting, Amazon listing optimization (under their Emmazon service), packaging texts, content strategy, and brand identity development. Their main goal is to help businesses break through the noise, grab and hold customers’ attention, and boost conversions by authentically communicating with their target market.

Marketing by Emma Services

Marketing by Emma offers various services and specialties to help businesses excel in their marketing efforts. Here’s an overview of their key services:

  1. Emmazon: Optimized Amazon listings are crucial for sellers looking to maximize their conversions on the platform. Marketing by Emma can either revise existing listings or create new ones from scratch, ensuring they are keyword-rich and appealing to potential customers.

  2. Website copywriting: A well-written website is essential for businesses looking to establish their online presence and attract customers. Marketing by Emma specializes in crafting engaging and effective website copy that speaks to your target audience and drives conversions.

  3. Packaging texts: The words on your product packaging can make a significant impact on customer perception and purchasing decisions. Marketing by Emma helps businesses craft enticing packaging copy that resonates with their target market and encourages sales.

  4. Content strategy and brand identity: Developing a cohesive content strategy and strong brand identity is crucial for building a loyal customer base. Marketing by Emma works with businesses to create a tailored content plan and establish a unique brand identity that sets them apart from the competition.

Why Choose Marketing by Emma?

There are several reasons why businesses should consider partnering with Marketing by Emma for their copywriting needs:

  • Establish authority with engaging content that demonstrates industry expertise
  • Build a unique brand identity that connects with your target audience
  • Develop creative solutions to reach your dream customers and stand out from the competition
  • Increase conversions with sales-oriented copy that drives results

Moreover, Marketing by Emma comes highly recommended, with over 250 five-star reviews that praise their professionalism, ease of communication, timely delivery, and conversion-spiking results. Clients have reported significant improvements in their Amazon listings and overall marketing efforts after working with Emma and her team.

Marketing by Emma Pricing

Marketing by Emma offers a free Amazon listing analysis, which can unlock conversion-spiking secrets for your business. Pricing for their various services is not readily available on their website, but potential clients can reach out for a customized quote based on their specific needs. Be sure to inquire about any discounts or special offers that may be available.

Marketing by Emma Alternatives

While Marketing by Emma has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality copywriting services, it’s always a good idea to consider alternatives. Here are some other copywriting service providers to consider:

  1. Copyblogger: A well-known content marketing and copywriting resource, offering training and certification programs, as well as content creation services. Pricing varies based on services. Visit Copyblogger

  2. Karon Thackston: A professional copywriter with expertise in Amazon listings, website copy, and SEO. Pricing varies based on services. Visit Karon Thackston

  3. Conversion Copy Co: A data-driven copywriting agency focused on boosting conversions and sales through persuasive copy. Pricing varies based on services. Visit Conversion Copy Co

  4. Express Writers: A content creation agency providing a range of copywriting services, including blog posts, web copy, and social media content. Pricing varies based on services. Visit Express Writers

Our Verdict

Based on the reviews, pricing, and alternatives presented in this article, it’s clear that Marketing by Emma is a reputable and reliable choice for businesses in need of professional copywriting services. Their expertise in various areas such as Amazon listings, website copy, and packaging texts, combined with a focus on building brand identity and increasing conversions, makes them an appealing option for businesses looking to improve their marketing efforts.

However, it’s essential to consider alternative providers to ensure you make the best decision for your business. Be sure to evaluate each provider’s services, pricing, and customer experiences before making a final decision.


In summary, Marketing by Emma has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from clients, offers a free Amazon listing analysis, and has a range of services to help businesses succeed in their marketing efforts. While it may not be the ideal fit for all businesses, those with a focus on Amazon listings, website copy, or packaging texts should seriously consider working with Emma and her team.

We encourage you to take advantage of their free Amazon listing analysis and explore the alternatives mentioned in this article to find the best copywriting service provider for your business. Visit Marketing by Emma

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