How to Sell on Amazon Without UPC Barcodes

Selling on Amazon is an excellent way to generate income, whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to make some extra cash. However, obtaining Universal Product Codes (UPC) barcodes for your products can be a complex and expensive process.

In this article, we’ll explore how to sell on Amazon without UPC barcodes and where to get cheap UPC barcodes from sites like

Introduction to UPC Barcodes

UPC barcodes are a standardized system of identifying products. They consist of a series of numbers and a barcode image that can be scanned to retrieve product information quickly. Amazon uses UPC barcodes to track inventory and manage product listings.

While it’s generally recommended to have a UPC barcode for every product you sell, there are some alternatives and workarounds for those who want to sell on Amazon without obtaining a UPC barcode.

Amazon’s Brand Registry and GTIN Exemption

One option for selling products without a UPC barcode is to enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry. This program allows brand owners to protect their intellectual property and create a more accurate listing for their products. To enroll, you’ll need a registered trademark for your brand.

Once you’ve enrolled in the Brand Registry, you can request a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) exemption. If approved, you’ll be able to list your products without a UPC barcode. However, this option is only available to brand owners and may not be suitable for all sellers.

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Selling in Categories That Don’t Require UPC Barcodes

Certain product categories on Amazon don’t require UPC barcodes. For example, handmade items and even 3D printed items, vintage collectibles, and art can be listed without a UPC barcode. To sell in these categories, you’ll need to create a new product listing and select the appropriate category.

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Buying Cheap UPC Barcodes

If you still need a UPC barcode for your product, you can purchase them from third-party providers like These providers offer UPC barcodes at a lower cost than obtaining them directly from GS1, the organization responsible for managing UPC barcodes. However, be cautious when buying UPC barcodes from third-party providers, as not all of them are reputable and may provide invalid or duplicate barcodes.

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While obtaining UPC barcodes for your products is generally recommended, there are alternatives for those looking to sell on Amazon without them. By enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry, selling in categories that don’t require UPC barcodes, or purchasing cheap UPC barcodes from reputable third-party providers, you can successfully list and sell your products on Amazon.

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