How to Sell a Calendar on Amazon

The calendar market is a thriving niche, and Amazon is the perfect platform to tap into this lucrative business.

This detailed guide will explore how to sell a calendar on Amazon, including the steps involved, the necessary requirements, and tips for success. Additionally, we’ll also discuss how you can leverage Flipl, an eBay and Amazon arbitrage software, to find under-priced products and maximize your profits.

Introduction to Selling Calendars on Amazon

Selling calendars on Amazon can be a profitable venture if done correctly. The demand for calendars is relatively stable throughout the year, with a significant spike during the holiday season. To make the most of this opportunity, it’s essential to understand the process and requirements for selling on Amazon.

Requirements for Selling on Amazon

Before you start selling calendars on Amazon, you must meet some basic requirements:

  1. Create an Amazon seller account.
  2. Obtain a UPC (Universal Product Code) for your calendar if it doesn’t already have one.
  3. List your calendar on Amazon under the appropriate category (Office Products > Calendars, Planners & Personal Organizers > Wall Calendars).

How to Create and List Your Calendar on Amazon

  1. Design your calendar: Create a unique and eye-catching design for your calendar. You can use professional design software like Adobe InDesign or Canva for this purpose.
  2. Find a printer: Once you have finalized your design, find a reliable printer to produce your calendars. You may choose to work with a local printing company or an online platform like Printful or Printify.
  3. Take high-quality product photos: Invest in professional-quality product photos to showcase your calendar on your Amazon listing. Make sure the images accurately represent your product and highlight its key features.
  4. Create a detailed product listing: Write a compelling title, bullet points, and product description for your Amazon listing. Include relevant keywords to help potential customers find your product.
  5. Set a competitive price: Research similar products on Amazon to determine a competitive price for your calendar. Keep in mind factors like production costs, shipping fees, and Amazon seller fees when setting your price.
  6. Choose a fulfillment method: Decide whether to fulfill orders yourself (Merchant Fulfilled) or use Amazon’s fulfillment service, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  7. Promote your calendar: Use various marketing strategies to drive traffic to your Amazon listing, such as social media advertising, email marketing, and Amazon Sponsored Products.

How Flipl Can Help You Maximize Profits

Flipl is an eBay and Amazon arbitrage software that helps you find under-priced products to flip for profit. Here are two ways to make money with Flipl:

  1. The eBay Flip: Hunt down items selling for a low price on eBay, snag them, and then flip them for a higher price on Amazon. Learn more about how to make money on eBay with Flipl.
  2. Warehouse Deals: Look for under-priced products in mint condition that can be resold for a profit. Discover how to make money with Amazon Warehouse Deals with Flipl.

Additionally, you can master online arbitrage with Flipl through their comprehensive course, which covers everything you need to know from sourcing under-priced products on eBay to maximizing your profits on Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms.

Tips for Selling Calendars on Amazon

  1. Offer a variety of calendar designs to cater to different customer preferences.
  2. Create a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets your calendar apart from the competition.
  3. Keep an eye on trends and popular themes to incorporate into your calendar designs.
  4. Offer bundle deals, such as a calendar and planner set or a discounted price when purchasing multiple calendars.
  5. Monitor your competitors’ pricing and adjust your own price accordingly to stay competitive.
  6. Collect customer reviews to build trust and credibility for your product.
  7. Utilize Amazon’s advertising tools, such as Sponsored Products and Lightning Deals, to increase visibility and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I sell digital calendars on Amazon?

A: Yes, you can sell digital calendars on Amazon through the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. However, the process and requirements are different from selling physical calendars. Learn more about how to sell digital products on Amazon.

Q: Do I need a business license to sell calendars on Amazon?

A: While Amazon does not require a business license to sell on their platform, you may need to obtain a business license depending on your local and state regulations. Read more about whether you need a business license to sell on Amazon.

Q: Can I sell handmade calendars on Amazon?

A: Yes, you can sell handmade calendars on Amazon through their Handmade at Amazon program. This program allows artisans to sell their unique, handcrafted products to millions of Amazon customers. Check out how to sell handmade items on Amazon.


Selling calendars on Amazon is a viable business opportunity for those looking to tap into the lucrative calendar market. By following the steps outlined in this guide and leveraging the power of Flipl to find under-priced products, you can create a successful calendar business on Amazon. Don’t forget to visit Flipl’s homepage to learn more about how their software can help you maximize your profits.

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